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To ensure a great relationship, couples need to talk about a lot of different things. Creating a life together means that your goals and desires need to align at least somewhat. Unless you develop the habit of having intimate conversations, there may be things left unsaid. You then begin to assume or presume what your partner might be thinking. This can lead to arguments, fights and possibly even separation and divorce. But sometimes the important questions are hard to bring up for discussion.

That’s where 500 Intimate Questions for Couples comes in to play. These are good questions but they just scratch the surface of the kinds of questions couples want to ask and have answered. Please join my wife and I as we uncover questions that may just save your marriage and fix your relationship.

We’ll take a look at dating questions, love questions, sexual questions and even ice breaker questions for singles looking to start a relationship.


Dirty Truths and Dares for Couples

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Ask Good Dirty Truth Questions & Discover Fun Sex Ideas to Try

Even if you’re in a long term relationship, playing an adult truth or dare game with your lover is a great way to explore each other’s desires and come up with fresh new sex ideas to try out. A game setting also helps to relieve any anxiety about bringing up certain types of sexual topics (everyone has at least a few secret desires kept hidden). As the game heats up and you’ve asked each other all the basic sex questions, you’ll naturally want to get more explicit and dirty.

But there’s a problem. If you’re trying to spice up your lovemaking and get out of your sexual comfort zone, it can be hard to come up with interesting sex questions to ask. You may even think you know each other so well already. This is a trap lots of couples fall into that can ruin your sex life. What you need is a way to inspire your own erotic creativity with a variety of sexual topics and ideas that you would not normally consider.

You also want good sex questions that arouse your interest and desire for even better sex. Dirty truth questions should encourage you to explore topics that may make you feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed but in a good way. Exploring inhibitions and taboo subjects can help make sex feel naughty and thrilling again.

If you want to spice up your love life, take a look at this video overview of a dirty truth or dare app for couples. The app has over 3000 fun sex questions and dirty dares to give you lots of variety to play with. It can be played by couples alone together or with a group of intimate friends. When another couple or two are playing together with you, there are preference options available to keep the sexy truth questions and dirty dares between couples or mix it up.

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The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Playing dirty truth or dare with a small group of friends is a great way to test out the possibility of a threesome or more-some. There are even gay, lesbian and bi-sexual options to suit any and all preferences. Try the game and see how far you’re both willing to get out of your sexual comfort zones.

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Why Couples Should Ask Each Other Intimate Sex Questions

Here is a video that describes how couples can improve their relationship by asking each other intimate questions about sex.

Get the 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples book and start an intimate conversation with your partner. Discover how much fun you can have talking about your sex life together. See how many questions you can get through before ravishing each other.

If you have a Kindle or the free reader app on the iPad, you can download the ebook version right now. Just click 469 Sex Questions for Couples and see how easy it can be to have a hot conversation with your partner about the sex you desire. You’ll both be glad you did.

469 Fun Sex Questions to Discover What Turns Your Lover On!

Everyone wants an exciting and satisfying sex life. One filled with erotic adventures, stimulating sensations, romantic intimacy and creative foreplay. If you want more excitement in your relationship, you can be sure your partner does too. They may not show it but you know their passion is just waiting for the right spark to ignite the fires of their lust.

When you want more sizzle in your sex life, you need to find out what get’s you both hot first. Do either of you have any secret sexual desires smoldering on the back burner? Are there spicy new erotic ideas that will catch alight and burn bright in your relationship? What will inspire you to fan the flames of your love so it blazes with intense passion and excitement? Discovering the answers to these questions requires even more steamy questions. But with the right spark, you’ll be able to start your sexual fires burning in no time.

To help couples start a hot conversation about sex together, my wife and I decided to write a book with questions for couples that cover a variety of sexual topics. We’ve included 469 fun sex questions that will help stoke your desire with creative new ideas for being naughty, frisky and playful. You can use them any time to stimulate thought provoking discussions that will arouse both your mind and body. Tease and tantalize each other with hot talk as you reveal your answers and inflame your craving for each other.

Our book is available from Amazon on the Kindle and as a paperback.

Kindle Version: 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples
Paperback Version: 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples: Ignite Your Desire With Hot Talk

All the sex questions in the book are for fun and for play – leave the serious questions for some other time. Whether you’re curled up next to each other or talking on the phone, start a sexy conversation today and see where it leads. When you feel more comfortable talking about sex together, you’ll feel much more comfortable enjoying sex too.

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Sex Questions: Using Sex Toys While in a Relationship

Here are some questions to ask your partner about using sex toys while in a relationship. Discussing how you each feel about sex toys in general can be extremely insightful. This can be a very sensitive subject for many people but it’s worth finding out.

  • How do you feel about using sex toys or other pleasuring accessories?
  • What is your opinion of masturbating with sex toys?
  • What kinds of sex toys or other accessories have you used for self pleasure?
  • How do you feel about using sex toys while in a relationship?
  • How do you feel about masturbation while in a relationship?
  • Do you think it’s cheating if someone masturbates while in a relationship?
  • What kinds of sex toys would you like to try together?

While discussing these sex questions together, you’re sure to find that certain attitudes and assumptions you each have are radically different based on the type of pleasure accessory involved. For example, do you think sex toys like vibrators and dildos are only for women? What about butt plugs? Are sex toys only good for masturbating with or can/should they only be used together? Are sex toys only required if you are having performance issues? Are strap-ons or double ended dildos only for lesbians or can straight couples use them too?

The video below provides a light hearted look at how many couples view sex toys in their relationship. It’s unfortunate that many people are still embarrassed about self pleasuring with or without sex toys especially when they’re in a relationship. Instead of exploring their true sexual nature together, they hide their sex toys even from the person they’re being physically intimate with. Of course, masturbation is still an important sexual outlet even while in a sexually satisfying relationship. But why not use any and all pleasure enhancement accessories you can to explore your full sexual potential with your partner as well.

If you’re curious about using toys together to spice up your sex life, make a sexy game with the following sex question:

  • What naughty foreplay ideas can you think of that involve using a vibrator?

See which one of you can come up with the most ideas then pick one or a few to try out. If you run out of ideas, visit and discover over 30 sexy ideas for using a vibrator together as foreplay. See if you came up with any different ones. By playing this little couples game, you’ll learn new sexy ideas to help make your orgasms more intense and pleasurable. Sex toys are great for self stimulation but they can be even more fun when used together in and out of the bedroom. Surprise your lover with a new sex toy for couples and explore creative new types of erotic pleasure together. You can dramatically spice up your sex life and improve your marriage when you gain the confidence to share your adult toys and sexual fantasies with the one you love.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about using sex toys alone or together with your partner.

Oral Sex Question: 10 Good Cunnilingus Tips

How to give the best oral sex for women?

Here is a video with answers to this sexy question. You’ll discover how to improve oral sex with 10 good cunnilingus tips for enjoying oral pleasure longer and more often. Experience the joys of juicy female orgasms and have her begging for more.

See Hot Licks Guide to Oral Sex

Here is the text version of the cunnilingus tips video:

Cunnilingus Concepts to Consider
When it comes to cunnilingus, many couples are tongue tied at the thought of discussing this most intimate act of loving, sensual pleasure. For a variety of reasons, some women even refuse to enjoy oral sex yet it may be the only way they can reach orgasm with a partner. Each and every woman is unique and her response to any stimulating activity can vary for a lot of reasons. Techniques that work one day may completely flop the next night. However there are some key ideas that will make oral sex a pleasure for both of you.

#1 Wait Until She’s Trembling With Desire
The most important thing to keep in mind for great oral sex is that she must be highly aroused before stimulating her clitoris. Even sexy thoughts anticipating your warm wet tongue can be enough to get her ready. But why not extend the pleasuring until she trembles with desire. Foreplay involving lots of stroking and kissing will always be appreciated. Soft and sensual or passionately urgent, sensational oral sex starts with erogenous zones other than the clitoris. Take time to tantalize her with light, tickling touches of your finger tips and then your tongue.

#2 Shave Silky Smooth & Sensually Soft
Men should shave and moisturize their face to avoid prickling or rasping against sensitive regions on her body. Sharp stubble burn is not the kind of heat you want to create. Also, although not everyone is into shaving their pubic region, trimming and shaping it can be very appealing. A shaved pussy can be very erotic and increases her sensitivity so that oral activities become even more exquisite.

#3 Fingers That Feel Fantastic
Clip and file finger nails short and smooth. Keep your finger tips soft so you can lightly stroke and caress her breasts, tummy, legs and inner thighs without scratching. Hand care is essential when using your fingers to stimulate her labia, vagina and especially her clitoris.

#4 Lip Service Reminder
Remember to keep your lips protected from drying out so they remain soft and supple. Chapped lips will stimulate her clitoris in a very bad way.

#5 Succulent & Tasty Treat
Use only specially designed flavoured lubes to make her an even more tasty treat. Avoid all kinds of sugary substances in or around her vagina since they promote very unpleasant yeast infections.

#6 Tongue Twisting Talent
Your tongue is a muscle that can be exercised. With practice, you can more finely control tongue movement and keep up a rhythmic motion for extended periods of pleasuring.

#7 Pussy Pleasuring Positions
When performing oral sex, ensure you’re in a comfortable position. Bending or kinking your neck in an awkward angle can make you stop a sensational oral sex session just when it’s getting good. Use pillows to adjust the height or angle of your bodies if required.

#8 Don’t Hold Your Breath
Remember to breath – smooth and regular. Running out of air can exhaust you fast when you really want slow and sensual. Hot lingering breaths on her clitoris can feel delightful too. Even if she’s teetering on the edge of orgasmic ecstasy, resist the urge to take a deep breath and go until she comes. It can still take a few minutes more.

#9 Men Can’t Read Minds
Your lover may not be able to explicitly detail what she needs but she will definitely know what feels good when you do it. This is the time for her to communicate with encouraging moans and verbal suggestions such as faster, to the left a little, lighter, harder and, of course, Don’t Stop! Pay attention to her body language and ask if you think you’re getting the signals wrong.

#10 Relax and Enjoy the Rush
Above all, relax and savour the sensations. Attempting to force an orgasm is a recipe for frustration. Some times you may need to slow down and start again but this can result in even more intense orgasms.

With these tips you’ll be able to give her a good licking and enjoy deliciously juicy orgasms any time you have a craving for amazing oral sex.

Be sure to ask your lover which cunnilingus techniques she enjoys most and how she wants you to go down on her. Also encourage each other to experiment with creative oral sex play and learn how to have even more pleasure together. Inspire your desire for oral ecstasy with more detailed, lick by lick ideas from the Sex Expert Gabrielle Moore – click on the banner below and sign up for some hot sex play.

Cunnilingus Tips