About Us

Love & Sex Questions for Couples is intended to help couples maintain great communication with each other by asking intimate questions. Whether you are dating or in a long term relationship, love and sex questions can get your conversation started on important issues so you can get the information you need to keep your love alive.

It is our belief that sexual intimacy is a critical element of healthy relationships. We want to encourage couples to enrich their lives together by intimately communicating and sharing many types of pleasure. For this reason, we are committed to finding/developing fun and exciting sex oriented products that are mentally and physically stimulating. This includes both educational and entertainment oriented products that stimulate sexual creativity and intimate exploration.

Sexy Suggestions is our sister website dedicated to helping couples strengthen their relationships by making sex fun and exciting with personalized ideas. It is an online resource for exploring creative sexual techniques and ideas from both a male and female perspective. We promote awareness, empathy and communication by inspiring greater intellectual, physical and emotional intimacy with yourself and your lover.

Succulent Enterprises Inc. is the parent company that owns and operates these two websites (among others). Succulent Enterprises was formed to explore business opportunities that are rich in desirable qualities, afford mental nourishment, and are highly interesting and enjoyable for our customers. Oh, and many of them will be very juicy too – literally and figuratively.

Our Mission

Provide resources that inspire couples to creatively enhance their relationship with a wide spectrum of shared pleasures. Promote creative sexual ideas and techniques to help couples experience greater intimacy and pleasure. Our rewards come from helping couples have great sex so they are happier which ultimately makes the world a better place to live.

Operating Slogan

Inspire desire with intimate questions & stimulating ideas

Discover unique and creative ideas for exciting adult play

Make loving & playful sex fun Again and Again!

Values & Principles

  1. Good sex enhances all aspects of life. Encouraging intimate sexual expression between loving couples positively impacts the individuals, the quality of their relationship and ultimately their contribution to society. Intimacy and mutual discovery make life more fun, exciting and fulfilling.
  2. Promote gender equality and understanding while valuing inherent differences and perspectives.
  3. Promote tolerance of personal beliefs that do not negatively impact others. Everyone has the right to their own sexual identity, orientation and preferences as long as it does not directly cause harm to themselves or others.
  4. Coercion, abuse and intolerance of any kind are unacceptable!
  5. Censorship is rarely appropriate but good taste and discretion are important elements when presenting ideas effectively. All people should have the option to self-censor for themselves if they choose. Ideas may offend but only people have the power to harm each other.
  6. Conceptual knowledge, intelligence, curiosity and creativity are highly valued but good ideas can come from anywhere or anyone at any time. View all experiences as a rewarding opportunity for continual learning and personal growth.
  7. The environment is important. Products and processes should be designed for both quality and resource efficiency with an emphasis on environmental responsibility.
  8. Profits are a measure of how effectively we satisfy the desires of our customers.

Important FTC Notice

My wife and I receive commissions from most of the relationship enhancement products and services promoted on our websites. Some of the products are our own while others are affiliate products from a diverse range of vendors. We also provide links to select sites that we deem valuable for our visitors even though we do not have any affiliate relationship.

The products we promote are items that we have purchased ourselves or would like to purchase and think might be of interest to our visitors too. These are of course only sexy suggestions. Please use your own judgement when deciding to purchase any product.

Insure a successful relationship.
It takes more than love and good intentions.

Amazing Sex is Essential!


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