Relationship Questions: Improve Kissing

In what ways do you feel we can improve the way we kiss?

Early in your relationship, you may have spent a lot of time together kissing and making out even if it didn’t lead to sex. Kissing in itself was a sensual pleasure that got you excited for each other and helped create your emotional connection. Kissing was most likely a big part of foreplay when you first started to have sex together but you also kissed a lot throughout the day. Unfortunately, as a relationship matures, many couples discover the amount of kissing drops off especially when it’s not leading to sex. And even during foreplay, there may be less focus on sensual kissing. Why settle for mediocre kissing? Ask your partner a few intimate questions about kissing and see if you can come up with ideas to improve the way you kiss. You may discover that you both crave more kissing in your love life. There may be issues with how you kiss, how often, when, where and for how long. By talking about it together, you can improve the way you kiss and maybe experiment with different techniques to make it even more fun.

The sensual intimacy and emotional connection you experience while kissing is very important to many people. Without it, the love in your relationship may start to fade. Even if you believe your relationship is fine, why not add more romantic, affectionate, sensual, erotic and passionate kissing to make it even better. Become fantastic kissers together and enjoy each other even more. Take a look at Kissing 101: Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques. Spice up your sex life and perk up your passion for each other in and out of the bedroom.

Learn How to Kiss Better

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