Relationship Questions: Learn to Kiss Better

How did you first learn to kiss and what else would you like to learn about kissing?

If you’re just starting to date, you know how important kissing can be for your relationship to continue. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, your focus on kissing may have shifted but your ability to kiss well is still affecting your relationship even if you don’t know it. Most people don’t come right out and tell you that you’re a bad kisser. Instead, they avoid kissing you and eventually your intimacy and passion for each other will fade. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find out about the quality of your kissing before your relationship breaks down? You may not even realize you’re a lousy kisser or what you can do about it. But rather than directly asking your partner if you’re a good kisser or telling them they suck at kissing, ask a few intimate questions about how they learned to kiss and what else they would like to know about kissing. By starting to talk about your past kissing experiences and what you’ve learned, you can guide the conversation to how you can both learn to kiss better.

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French Kissing Guide...How to Kiss With Passion

Relationship Questions: Improve Kissing

In what ways do you feel we can improve the way we kiss?

Early in your relationship, you may have spent a lot of time together kissing and making out even if it didn’t lead to sex. Kissing in itself was a sensual pleasure that got you excited for each other and helped create your emotional connection. Kissing was most likely a big part of foreplay when you first started to have sex together but you also kissed a lot throughout the day. Unfortunately, as a relationship matures, many couples discover the amount of kissing drops off especially when it’s not leading to sex. And even during foreplay, there may be less focus on sensual kissing. Why settle for mediocre kissing? Ask your partner a few intimate questions about kissing and see if you can come up with ideas to improve the way you kiss. You may discover that you both crave more kissing in your love life. There may be issues with how you kiss, how often, when, where and for how long. By talking about it together, you can improve the way you kiss and maybe experiment with different techniques to make it even more fun.

The sensual intimacy and emotional connection you experience while kissing is very important to many people. Without it, the love in your relationship may start to fade. Even if you believe your relationship is fine, why not add more romantic, affectionate, sensual, erotic and passionate kissing to make it even better. Become fantastic kissers together and enjoy each other even more. Take a look at Kissing 101: Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques. Spice up your sex life and perk up your passion for each other in and out of the bedroom.

Learn How to Kiss Better

Relationship Questions: Enjoy Kissing More

How important is a good kiss and how can someone learn to be a better kisser?

For some people, kissing is so important that they’ll even end a relationship if their partner is not a good kisser. And if they do stay in the relationship, they tend to feel unsatisfied with their love life and may eventually end up avoiding sex with their partner. If kissing is important to you or you feel your partner wants you to kiss more, ask each other some intimate questions to explore how important kissing is. You may discover a missing ingredient that is severely affecting your sexual relationship. By talking about it, you can identify what you can both do to improve your kissing style and learn how to enhance and enjoy the sensual pleasure of kissing.

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Sexy Questions of the Week #7

Here is a recap of last week’s daily sex questions about various types of erotic activities you can use to spice up your sex life. These aren’t dating questions but rather questions for couples in longer term sexual relationships. These activities require a great deal of trust in your partner. We hope you enjoy discussing fun relationship questions with the one you love. These intimate questions are intended to help you start a conversation and inspire you to enhance your love life. We believe these sexy questions can help you improve your relationship and fix your marriage. If you are just starting a relationship, our dating questions may help reveal who’s right for you.

  • How do you feel about experimenting with bondage?
  • What kinds of kinky role playing games would you like to try?
  • How do you feel about ass play and anal pleasuring?
  • What forms of BDSM play have you heard of and how do you feel about them?
  • How do you feel about role reversal and gender play?
  • What sorts of pain play would you like to experiment with?

Check back to each of the daily sex questions to see related resources and other useful information for getting the love, sex and intimacy you desire and deserve.

Fun and Kinky Sex Questions for Couples

Kinky Sex Questions: Pain Play

What sorts of pain play would you like to experiment with?

The sex questions this week were all about more adventurous types of adult play. For some people, pain play is a form of intense stimulation that is extremely erotic both emotionally and physically. Intense pain can even trigger the release of endorphins creating a natural high with effects similar to various drugs. Pain and pleasure can go together in the right sexual situation but you may still feel uncomfortable with this kind of erotic activity even if your partner wants it. Starting a discussion on different types of pain play can be a good way to bring up the subject. You can learn more on the topic of SM and discover how you each feel about giving or receiving pain as pleasure during sex play. You could start off with sensual spanking, light biting and hair pulling during rough sex before attempting to experiment with intense pain techniques involving hot wax, nipple clamps, flogging, paddles, piercing, etc. For these more extreme erotic practices, learn as much as you can about it so you can play safe. Even if actual pain is not something you want to experiment with, you could just read some BDSM erotica together and enjoy pain play together in your sexual fantasies.

If you’re interested in exploring different types of BDSM ideas, browse the JT Stockroom website together with your partner. They have an amazing variety of erotic toys, devices and information resources for a wide range of sexual practices.

Kinky Sex Toys and Bondage Equipment

Sexy Questions: Role Reversal Gender Play

How do you feel about role reversal and gender play?

This is another fun sex question to ask your partner regarding how they feel about a diverse range of kinky sex ideas. Gender play and role reversal can be sensitive subjects but it may be something you would both find erotically exciting to explore. Role reversal can be as simple as switching from a more dominant to a submissive state of mind when it comes to your normal bedroom behaviour. You might even experience greater empathy for your lover and create a deeper emotional connection as well. Some people also like to have fun with gender play in various ways including cross dressing and the use of artificial genitals (strap-on, packer, vaginal prosthesis, etc.). Roleplay games involving different sexual orientations can be a wild way to add a twist to your sex life.

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Kinky Sex Toys and Bondage Equipment