Announcement: Love & Sex Questions for Couples

To ensure a great relationship, couples need to talk about a lot of different things. Creating a life together means that your goals and desires need to align at least somewhat. Unless you develop the habit of having intimate conversations, there may be things left unsaid. You then begin to assume or presume what your partner might be thinking. This can lead to arguments, fights and possibly even separation and divorce. But sometimes the important questions are hard to bring up for discussion.

That’s where 500 Intimate Questions for Couples comes in to play. These are good questions but they just scratch the surface of the kinds of questions couples want to ask and have answered. Please join my wife and I as we uncover questions that may just save your marriage and fix your relationship.

We’ll take a look at dating questions, love questions, sexual questions and even ice breaker questions for singles looking to start a relationship.


Dirty Truths and Dares for Couples

Sex Questions App for iPhone Available on iTunes

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