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Sex Questions: Using Sex Toys While in a Relationship

Published on December 3, 2011 By Michael

Here are some questions to ask your partner about using sex toys while in a relationship. Discussing how you each feel about sex toys in general can be extremely insightful. This can be a very sensitive subject for many people but it’s worth finding out. How do you feel about using sex toys or other […]

Dating Questions: Try Kinky Sex Play

Published on March 25, 2011 By Michael

What are some kinky activities you would like to try and what are off limits for you? Even if you’re not yet in a physically intimate relationship, asking dating questions about kinky sex play can lead to some useful discussions. This is not the kind of question for a first date but can be fun […]

Daily Sex Question: More Foreplay

Published on March 4, 2011 By Michael

In what ways would you like to spice up our foreplay so it’s more fun and lasts even longer? Many women feel they would like more foreplay with their partners. However they don’t want their lover just going through the motions to get to the main event. Foreplay should be fun, playful, sensual and pleasurable […]

Daily Sex Question: Fabulous Foreplay

Published on February 22, 2011 By Michael

What new types of foreplay would you enjoy experimenting with? Even if the sex is really good, sometimes the sensual pleasures leading up to and after intercourse could use a slight menu adjustment. Just like different appetizers and desserts can add new life to a steak & potatoes dinner every night, a few new foreplay […]

Daily Sex Question: Sexual Artist

Published on February 20, 2011 By Michael

What creatively sensual activities can you imagine doing to each other with an artist brush? Stimulate each other’s erotic imagination with a sexy challenge that can lead to some very sensual foreplay. You would be amazed how many items around your home could be used for sensual foreplay. When you want to spice up your […]

Daily Sex Question: Valentine’s Day Foreplay

Published on February 14, 2011 By Michael

Happy Valentine’s Day! In what ways can you think of using a rose in foreplay? What sensual foreplay activities can you think of doing with flowers or chocolate? For more sensual ideas, see the blog post Intimate Valentine’s Day Ideas for Lovers. Please leave a comment with related sex questions or your answers.