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Why Couples Should Ask Each Other Intimate Sex Questions

Published on March 16, 2012 By Michael

Here is a video that describes how couples can improve their relationship by asking each other intimate questions about sex. Get the 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples book and start an intimate conversation with your partner. Discover how much fun you can have talking about your sex life together. See how many questions you […]

Sexy Questions of the Week #5 – Cheating

Published on March 20, 2011 By Michael

Here is a recap of last week’s daily sex questions. We hope you enjoy discussing fun relationship questions with the one you love. These intimate questions are intended to help you start a conversation and inspire you to spice up your love life. We believe these sexy questions can help you improve your relationship and […]

Relationship Questions: Reasons to Have an Affair

Published on March 15, 2011 By Michael

In your opinion, what are the key reasons that lead people to have extramarital affairs? Although everyone knows having an affair can be devastating for all involved, it’s unfortunately a common problem many couples endure. Normally there are signs that the relationship is in trouble before one or both of you succumb to temptation. Understanding […]

Daily Sex Question: Love Energy Equals More Sex

Published on March 12, 2011 By Michael

What forms of affection and non-sexual intimacy do you want more of in our relationship? Following on from yesterday’s relationship question, feeling loved and appreciated by your partner involves much more than having sex or making love. Various signs of caring and affection throughout the day can be extremely important to your love life especially […]

Daily Sex Question: Keys to a Long Lasting Relationship

Published on March 11, 2011 By Michael

What do you feel are the keys to a long lasting, monogamous relationship? There was a recent article in the news about a new survey suggesting couples are encountering relationship problems much sooner. Rather than a 7 year itch, couples are finding day to day stresses are causing relationship issues as early as 3 years. […]

Daily Sex Question: First Sexual Experiences

Published on March 10, 2011 By Michael

How do you feel about your first sexual experiences? If either of you are looking forward to your first sexual experience, rephrase the question to ask about your expectations, thoughts and feelings. Everyone wants their first sexual experience to be special. During your first sexual encounter, your body chemistry intensifies your thoughts and emotions to […]