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Announcement: Love & Sex Questions for Couples

Published on February 4, 2011 By Michael

To ensure a great relationship, couples need to talk about a lot of different things. Creating a life together means that your goals and desires need to align at least somewhat. Unless you develop the habit of having intimate conversations, there may be things left unsaid. You then begin to assume or presume what your […]

Why Couples Should Ask Each Other Intimate Sex Questions

Published on March 16, 2012 By Michael

Here is a video that describes how couples can improve their relationship by asking each other intimate questions about sex. Get the 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples book and start an intimate conversation with your partner. Discover how much fun you can have talking about your sex life together. See how many questions you […]

469 Fun Sex Questions to Discover What Turns Your Lover On!

Published on March 7, 2012 By Michael

Everyone wants an exciting and satisfying sex life. One filled with erotic adventures, stimulating sensations, romantic intimacy and creative foreplay. If you want more excitement in your relationship, you can be sure your partner does too. They may not show it but you know their passion is just waiting for the right spark to ignite […]

Oral Sex Question: 10 Good Cunnilingus Tips

Published on April 8, 2011 By Michael

How to give the best oral sex for women? Here is a video with answers to this sexy question. You’ll discover how to improve oral sex with 10 good cunnilingus tips for enjoying oral pleasure longer and more often. Experience the joys of juicy female orgasms and have her begging for more. See Hot Licks […]

Relationship Questions: Enjoy Kissing More

Published on April 4, 2011 By Michael

How important is a good kiss and how can someone learn to be a better kisser? For some people, kissing is so important that they’ll even end a relationship if their partner is not a good kisser. And if they do stay in the relationship, they tend to feel unsatisfied with their love life and […]

Sexy Questions of the Week #7

Published on April 3, 2011 By Michael

Here is a recap of last week’s daily sex questions about various types of erotic activities you can use to spice up your sex life. These aren’t dating questions but rather questions for couples in longer term sexual relationships. These activities require a great deal of trust in your partner. We hope you enjoy discussing […]