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Sex Questions: Using Sex Toys While in a Relationship

Published on December 3, 2011 By Michael

Here are some questions to ask your partner about using sex toys while in a relationship. Discussing how you each feel about sex toys in general can be extremely insightful. This can be a very sensitive subject for many people but it’s worth finding out. How do you feel about using sex toys or other […]

Dirty Sex Questions to Ask Girls About Sex Toys

Published on February 24, 2011 By Michael

Here are the questions from the video that I posted on YouTube called Dirty Sex Questions to Ask Girls About Sex Toys. The teaser video is very quick. The timing is based on the iMovie trailer template but it’s fun to watch. Do you masturbate with sex toys? What shapes and sizes of vibrators do […]

Daily Sex Question: Stranded Together

Published on February 21, 2011 By Michael

What items would you want to include in a pleasure chest that gets stranded with us on an exotic island resort? Let’s qualify this sex question a bit to avoid going off on a tangent away from the intended focus on sensual creativity. Imagine you’re both stranded on a fancy exotic island resort all alone for […]

Fun Sex Questions Involving Colour

Published on February 17, 2011 By Michael

What’s your favourite colour? It seems like such a simple dating question. It’s a standard ice breaker question because the information really is important to us. Colour makes life interesting. It also affects our emotions in various ways. But of course we don’t usually have just one favourite colour. It depends on what thing the […]