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Sexy Questions: Sexual Roleplay Games

Published on March 29, 2011 By Michael

What kinds of kinky role playing games would you like to try? Sexual role playing can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. Ask your lover sexy questions about various erotic scenarios they would like to role play. These may be related to their sexual fantasies or may just be something sexy […]

Relationship Questions: Cheating Fantasies

Published on March 19, 2011 By Michael

What kinds of “adulterous” scenarios or fantasies would you consider role playing together? To end off this week’s relationship questions about cheating, infidelity and divorce, let’s shift from serious to fun sex questions to ask your partner. Today’s question is still about having an affair but with your partner and not someone outside your relationship. […]

Daily Sex Question: Aural Sex

Published on February 19, 2011 By Michael

What specific words or sounds enhance your passion and desire for sex? Many people have a preference for aural stimulation. A sexy voice can be very erotic. Words and sounds can convey sensuality and lust. They can be used to arouse desire and stimulate mental images or fantasies. For some people, sexy sounds are better […]

Sex Questions About Fantasies

Published on February 14, 2011 By Michael

What better way to find out what turns your lover on than to share your sexual fantasies? There’s only one problem: many people don’t want to admit they have fantasies or don’t think they actually do fantasize. It’s not that people don’t fantasize, it’s that they have a different internal belief about what a fantasy […]